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AI is a global leading quality control and compliance service provider that partners with brands, retailers and importers around the world to secure, manage and optimise their global supply chain.


AI performs Supplier Audit Programs, Product Inspections and Lab Testing. Clients from over 120 countries worldwide benefit from web-based mobile friendly account management, fast scheduling and highly competitive all-inclusive pricing. 


Founded in Hong Kong in 1995, AI has 20 offices, over 1,800 employees from 60 nationalities and operates in over 77 countries.  Hence, we have the ability to operate in all the countries mentioned in this proposal : China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Malaysia, ROC, Singapore, Tunisia, Korea, Japan // MEXICO, USA, Germany, Belgium, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, UK


In 2017, AsiaInspection will perform over 250,000 audits, inspections and labs tests for importers located in more than 120 countries.


With over 1,500 auditors and inspectors classified by product range and account managers speaking over 20 languages, AI is Your Eyes in the Supply Chain!TM


The company has invested heavily in developing an industry-leading IT service infrastructure. This investment makes it easy for our clients to quickly and easily manage scheduling, access reports and gather supply chain intelligence online, via the web or the AI Mobile Application


It's a process designed for all supply chain professionals involved in sourcing, product quality and safety, supplier management and compliance. Within 48 hours of booking, an auditor is on the factory premises, compiling a detailed report available online a few days after the Audit.

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